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With its unique cuisine, rich culture, some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, breathtaking waterfalls, and adventure for everyone’s liking, all you have to do is choose the perfect type of tourism for you and be amazed by the wonders of Brazil.

The Tours Leaders

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Paulo Boute

Paulo Boute is the most experienced guide with more than 42 years of Field Experience, having more than a thousand trips to the Pantanal.

Eduardo Patrial

Post-graduating the course: Valuation of Flora and Fauna in environmental studies. Universidade Federal de Lavras, MG- Brazil.

Regina Ribeiro

The great interest in nature and travel led her to get a first degree in Tourism, concentrating her studies on environmental science, eco-tourism.

Raphael Teixeira

Rafael lives at Chapada dos Veadeiros, State of Goiás. This is a NEW Destination, which Boute Expeditions is proudly pioneering.

Raphael Santos

Experience to guide birding groups around many portions of Brazil, including Amazon Forest, Pantanal, Cerrado, Atlantic Forest, Araucaria Forest, Southern Wetlands and Pampas.

Leonardo Patrial

Besides to Brazilian Northeast, Leonardo has also been guiding to the Pantanal, Serra das Araras and Chapada dos Guimaraes National Park, as well, the Atlantic Forest.

Gabriel Augusto Leite

Graduate at Ciencias Biologicas from Universidade do Vale do Paraíba (2007). Has experience in Ecology, focusing on Conservation.

Hudson Martins

Hudson was born and raised at the foothills of the Itatiaia National Park. Hes is shall earn a Bachelor Degree in Biology, in a near future.

Thiago Rodrigues

Boute Expeditions, has guides-in-site, in most of the Brazilian Northeast States: Bahia, Pernambuco, Sergipe, Ceará and Mararanhão!

René Santos

René Santos is a native of São Paulo, where he also graduated on biology sciences in 2005.

Eugenio Souza

Eugenio was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. So, he knows it, like no one.

Robson Czaban

Robson Czaban was born in county of Resende, on the outback of the Brazilian State of Rio de Janeiro.

Marcelo Barbosa

Marcelo Barbosa is a biologist – ornithologist and master in ecotone ecology.

Ricardo Parrini

Ricardo Parrini is a Brazilian biologist graduated from the Universidade Gama Filho, Rio de Janeiro

Diogo Lucatelli

Diogo Lucatelli is a nature guide since 2011. But he discovered his passion for the natural world very early which led him to graduate as a Biologist at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), in his hometown, Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.

Bruno Rennó

Bruno Rennó is a passionate birder and his journey began as a child and since 1998 he has dedicated himself tirelessly to the activity. His passion for birds led him to study biology at university, with an emphasis on ornithology

Victor do Nascimento

Guest relations, Wildlife, Birdwatching, Photography, Hospitality and Traveling. Guiding visitors from specialized companies such as International Expeditions, Field Guides Birding Tours and Audubon National Society