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The Iguazu Falls consists of two national parks, one in Foz de Iguazu (Brazil) and the other one in Puerto Iguazu (Argentina). The curious thing is that although one only sees the falls as the main attraction, the park has a size of 252,982 hectares (67,720 on the Argentine side and 185,262 on the Brazilian side).


Golden beaches and lush mountains, samba-fueled nightlife and spectacular football matches: welcome to the Cidade Maravilhosa (Marvelous City).


Manaus is a charming and cultural city. The green Amazon Forest, the dark waters of Rio Negro, the muddy waters of Solimões River, exotic local cuisine, diverse architecture, and very welcoming people are some of the city’s treasures. One visit is all it takes to fall in love with the capital of Amazonas State.


Minas Gerais is located in the center of the country, far from the beaches. Yet it is one of the top holiday destinations in Brazil enjoyed by tourists from all over the world.


The Northeast of Brazil is still a fairly elusive destination compared to others such as Rio de Janeiro or Salvador de Bahia.

However, it’s a region that many have fallen in love with due to enviable traits, such as a warm climate with 300 sunny days a year and a constant temperature range of 23°C to 31°C! It is therefore a particularly interesting destination if you want to escape the European winter for a short holiday, or make the most of the October and February vacation periods. These Brazil tours are especially popular with adventurers and kitesurfers as well as those seeking other worldly landscapes and pristine beaches. Whatever time you choose to come, a vacation in Northeast Brazil is sure to leave an impression on you, almost certainly accompanied by a longing to return. 


Apart from one major site of touristic interest (more about that later), the southern states of Brazil are sadly often neglected by travellers to this gargantuan country. This is a shame as the states of Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul which make up the south of Brazil have a huge amount to offer a little off the beaten track.


Gaucho cowboys, the tango, and the romance of Evita may characterise Argentina, but the country has so much more to offer. It presents visitors with a wide variety of cultural attractions and an array of natural wonders including impressive mountain peaks, rare geological formations, pampean plains, tropical jungles and a diverse variety of fauna. Sample the stunning scenery of the lush Lake District, revel in Patagonia’s glacier-carved landscapes, explore painted Andean deserts and city slickers will adore fabulous Buenos Aires.