Hudson Martins

Hudson was born and raised at the foothills of the Itatiaia National Park. Hes shall earn a Bachelor Degree in Biology, in a near future. Hudson is not fluent in English. But, he as a very deep knowledge on Birds.

Being able to guide at the following locations:

-Itatiaia National Park.

-Bocaina National Park.

-Bananal County.

-Kodak’s Marsh Area.

-Pedra Selada State Park.

-Trilha dos Tucanos Lodge.

-Angra dos Reis County.

-Ubatuba Reserve.

Hudson is also a keen photographer, being able to help those bringing a camera to take pictures of some of  the most beautiful Brazilan Birds such the Green-headed, Diademed, Brassy-breasted and Gilt-edged Tanagers, Red-breasted Toucan, Saffron Toucanet and about a dozen of Hummingbirds!!!