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Bruno Rennó

Bruno Rennó is a passionate birder and his journey began as a child and since 1998 he has dedicated himself tirelessly to the activity.

His passion for birds led him to study biology at university, with an emphasis on ornithology. Bruno has accumulated more than 25 years’ experience in fieldwork, traveling regularly throughout Brazil, exploring the country’s diverse ecosystems. His vast experience has allowed him to compile an extensive collection of photos and sounds of Brazilian birds, with more than 1,500 species recorded. In 2012 he made up the team that represented Brazil in the first World Birding Rally Challenge held in Peru, an important milestone in his career, where he had the opportunity to represent his country and share his passion and knowledge with other bird admirers from all over the world.

Bruno’s love of birding and his enthusiasm in the field have made him a Birding Guide with over 15 years’ experience, where he appreciates and values the opportunity to share his knowledge with other birders, guiding them on expeditions to different regions of Brazil.
His ability to find and identify species, including rarities, makes him a valuable resource for those seeking an authentic birdwatching experience in the country.