Who’s Paulo Boute?

Paulo Boute was born in a ranch near Iguassu Falls. So, since a very early age he was, literally,  in touch with the  Brazilian Birds: His older brother used to collect  birds so, very often he had the chance of holding them with his own hands!
The back yard was full of trees with fruits attracting lots of birds such Tanagers, Thrushes and Parakeets. His parents were great sponsors on his passion for birds – His father was from Russia an his mother from Ukraine, kept telling him how Nature in Brazil was special if, compared to their homeland…

At the age of 17 years old Paulo Boute, moved to Mato Grosso, where he started working as a tour guide at the Pantanal – Paulo Boute is the most experienced guide there, with more than 42 years of Field Experience, having over a thousand trips to the Pantanal .

His Brazilian Birds Life List has 1495 Birds.

He is also a member of  the Panthera.org board (https://www.panthera.org/). As an evidence of his commitment in helping to  preserve the Jaguars, at the Brazilian Pantanal.

Paulo has inspired others to follow his tracks and is very proud in having dedicated his life to preserve the birds in Brazil – When he is not guiding, either at the Pantanal, Amazon / Atlantic Forest or at  the Brazilian Northeast – He is teaching birdwatching and  presenting lectures, being the most recent one at distant  the State of Roraima. Travelling with Paulo is an wonderful opportunity to learn  about Birds and Nature, and,  also to enjoy life!