Best Trip Hightlights, 2022

August, 2022

Well, for those that just read the July Highlights, there is a big surprise: In August, we got up to 08(eight) Jaguars, all seen along a particular ox bowl lake, connected to the Cuiabá River… Surely, we made history…
The explanation for this “Jaguar Explosion” is that during the Pandemic, read: Two Years, in a row(!!!), we had Jaguar Photo Safaris, with less people…
So, the Jaguars that were born during that period of time, got used to the public, in a much faster & easier way…So, there is no fear from their side when approached by people… Making a long story short: Year after year, the Jaguar Photo Safaris, at the Pantanal just get better and better!!!
So, what are you waiting for? Let´s book a Jaguar Photo Safari, with Boute Expeditions! 🙂

July, 2022

What could be better than watching & photographing a  single Jaguar, at the Pantanal???
Well…What about 05 (Five) Jaguars, at the same time???
Believe or not, this is what happened during one of our many Jaguar Photo Safaris!!!
Pantanal = Jaguarland!!! 🙂
And, besides, this wonderful event, we also had the chance to watch & photograph, the interaction of a mother & its cubs, the cubs playing with each other and some killings!  This time the Jaguar was very lucky in getting a caiman!!!
Videos showing that & much more are available at our YouTube Channel:
Enjoy & Plan to Join us, in 2023 for this Life Time Experience, with the  Boute Expeditions Team.

June, 2022

On the previous Best Trip Highlights, for May, it was said that the Jaguar Photo Safari Season “had started”… Well, this time, we have to say that the Jaguar Photo Safari is in “full swing”!!!
The evidences are on these vídeos:
We also need to mention, that we had one of the longest Bird & Photo Tour ever! Covering the Amazon Forest (Including an active Harpy Eagle Nest), Cristalino Jungle  Logde, The Pantanal (Several lodges), Itatiaia National Park, Ubatuba Reserve and Iguassu Falls, lasting for more than a month!!!

May, 2022

The Jaguar Photo Safari Season has started…And, this May we runned a very sucessful Tour, that couldn´t have a better “warm up”, we started visiting a tower, that puts our guests on eye level to an active Harpy Eagle Nest!!!
During three days, we have both parents(!!!) and the Juvenal being feed with Armadillos and Monkeys ( See, photos below…), and on the same itinerary we covered Vila Bela da Santíssima Trindade, where, we have the Pink Dolphins, Hoatzins and lots of Roseate Sponbills, on a true Hollywood movie scenary(See, photos…), then, last but not least, we went to Porto Jofre for the King of the Forests: The Jaguar.  
The year of 2022 shall  be one of the best years ever for those going to the Pantanal for a Jaguar Photo Safari.
Reason:  There are  two Jaguar mothers with cubs!!! ( See, photos…)
One of the cubs is not shwon, yet, due the fact that it was jumping all the time!!! 😀
For itinerary, costings…etc…Please, don´t hesitate in contacting us:

April, 2022

Since the Pandemic, is not representing any more a threat to travelling, in April, Boute Expeditions, took part of the Chiapas Birding & Photo Festival, in Mexico.It was a great opportunity for Paulo Boute to share his 40 years of experience leading birdwatching tours, in Brazil & South America, since he was one of the International speakers, at the such nice event. Also an opportunity to make new friends, partners and, of course, go out birding! 🙂
Many warblers were still in their way to United States & Canada, not to mention, the regular residents birds of Mexico such the Keel-billed Toucan!

What an astonishing bird!!!
In Brazil, Boute Expeditions, was taking part on a Day Birding at the:
Which became a Hot Spot for birds, in our itinerary for the South of Brazil & a chance to meet many other Brazilian Birders.

March, 2022

There is the music that says: “Oh, Happy Day…”…Well, in our case we had a “Harpy Day”!!! 🙂
This March, we took our first guest (of many more)  to watch and photograph an active Harpy Eagle Nest, just five hours drive from Cuiabá!!!  Next to the nest there is a tower on the same level as the nest. The (Lovely) Harpy Eagle chick is about two months old, which means the nest will be active for about one more year…

Combined with the nest, we also are taking our guests to Vila Bela. Read: The Hoatzin Paradise!
 And, not just that! Both River Dolphins are there!!!
 The Pink one and the Gray one…Being the Pink one much more easy to be photographed!!!

Don´t hesitate in booking, with Boute Expeditions,  this Life Time Photo Tour !!!

January, 2022

In January, 2022, we had 05(Five) Expeditions,ALL with Great Success!!! Two Birding Tours & One Mammal Watch Tour, at the Brazilian Northeast & one 
Birding Tour covering the Pantanal, at the Mutum Eco-lodge and another fantastic Birding Tour, covering the Intervales State Park( during 05 – Five – Full Days!!!) followed by one day, birding tour, at the Ubatuba Reserve. During our Mammal trip to the Brazilian Northeast, we made History!!! We found two different Porcupines, roosting at the same tree!!!
They were:
1- The bristle-spined Porcupine or Thin-spined Porcupine (Chaetomys subspinosus)
2- The Bahia Porcupine (Coendou insidiosus).
During the Birding Trips to the Pantanal, we made  some nice videos…Enjoy & Subscribe!  The monetization goes to Nature Conservation! (We are the only Tour Company that does that!)
For Photos & Videos, here, is our INSTAGRAM:
Thanks for visiting our Web Site & Hopefully, with Pandemic or without the Pandemic you may join us for a Life Time Experience, with the Brazilian Wildlife & Birds!!!