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Best Trip Hightlights, 2019.

Trip Highlights,  November, 2019.
November: Wow!!!
Very few times, we had a such busy month of November! But, who knows? Eventually, it is just a warm up for the year of 2020! 
This November, we covered all regions of Brazil: North( Manaus & Presidente Figueiredo*), Atlantic Forest( Itatiaia), Pantanal( Northern & Southern!!!, including the Macaws Sink, in Bonito) and last but, not least: The Brazilian Northeast – Where we have the rarest of the rare, such the Araripe Manakin and Hooded Visioberear!!!
*Presidente Figueiredo is a true Guianian Cock-of-the-Rock Paradise:  There you can watch & photograph up to 15(Fiften) males in lek!!! Something to be seen to believed!
Are you still looking for a Christmas gift for yourself?
Well, what about about a Birding or a Photo Trip to Brazil if, not a combination of the two?
Trip Highlights,  October, 2019.
Last but, not least…Since, it was the last month we runned tours to the Pantanal, due the start of the rainy season & closing of some of the lodges…But, as mentioned…not least, at all:  What about having 5 Jaguars, within an hour and half of boat ride? 
We are talking about before 8:00 am!!!…Read: Fantastic photos, due the very smooth light at that time of the day…
We also had clients, going to incredible locations, such the Caiman Lodge and Macaw´s Hole, in the Southern State of Mato Grosso do Sul. And, in Mato Grosso, the Macaws Lagoon, in Bom Jardim( See, video at: Besides, we found the most reliable spot for Giant Anteaters, for Mato Grosso, where during four months, no one missed them!!!
We, truly, hope to have you joining us, next year or in 2021, in our tours!…
Trip Highlights,  August & September, 2019.
What can we say, about a place, where, 64 Jaguars ( Individuals), where recorded being 23 new individuals!!!???
It was a overhelming Jaguar Season!!! Not counting, that our guests, had the three most important Eagles: Harpy Eagle, Crowned Eagle and Chaco Eagle(New Split!).
And, there is still November to add much more…And, speaking about “adding”…Is it necessary to say anything else to have you booking a trip with us?
See you, in 2020!
Trip Highlights,  June & July, 2019.
On these two past months, we had some of the most productive trips of all times:  We had the Harpy Eagle nesting, in Bahia, Jaguars in the Pantanal, and, last but, not least:  Golden Parakeets, at the Amazonia National Park!!!
Trip Highlights, May, 2019
Antonina:  Easy to spell & easy to bird!!! With the help of a local bird guide, Luciano, we had a very productive time there:  Buff-throated Purpletutf nesting!!! Sharpbill – on eye level!!!, 
Bare-throated Bellbird and, last but not least: Mottled Owl  and Black-capped Screech-Owl for quite a good while!!!
Making a long story short:  Very, Very Recommended – Specially, as a Custom Tour!


Trip Highlights, January, 2019

January, 1st: We were, already, on the road! We visited a total new birding site, at the County of Barra do Bugres. Read: Wonderful birding!!! Paradise Tanager, Cocoa Thrush, Gould´s Toucanet, Crimson-bellied Parakeet, just to mention a few…Then, we moved to Serra das Araras, at the Currupira das Araras Lodge, where we had countless Red-legged Seriemas, Red-bellied, Blue-and-Yellow and Red-and-Green Macaws!!! Just everywhere!!! But, it is not over!  We combined this tour with the Brazilian Northeast, going to Lençois, where the Hooded Visiorbearer was seen multiple times!
Plus, the usual endemics, such Caatinga Cacholote, Caatinga Antwren and Red-cowled Cardinal.
Surely, we were the very First birders to explore the Marvellous Chapada Diamantina National Park & the First guests for Pousada da Geléia, where we had a very nice stay. We also spent a night, at the lovely village of Mucuge, in order to expand our bird list, which worked quite well!!!
Our next tour, there, will be this April, so…More, soon!!!