Trip Highlights 2015


Black-necked and Coscoroba Swan, Striolated Spinetail, Black-and-Gold Cotinga & Nesting Swallow-tailed Cotinga and Black-legged Dacnis…Plus TWO tours running at the same time at the Brazilian Northeast…This month brought us lots of birds & Happy Birders.
We had tours covering the Atlantic Forest and the South of Brazil – Rio Grande do Sul…But, instead of saying this would be our final tours for 2015…We prefer to have them as a “warm up” tours for 2016!!! Since, in – early – January, we have a couple of tours already planned to go! Below, links with photos of these recent & excellent tours:



JULY, 2015

Wow! Once more we made history! For the very first time a Ringed Kingfisher was watched & photographed swallowing a snake, at the Pantanal!!!
That spiced with incredible Jaguar views – Including the killing of a caiman, made the mind of our clients to blow up!!!
Birds were being good too – The White-banded Mockingbird, extremely rare, at the Northern Pantanal was seen, combined with the Yellow-bellied Seedeater, at the feeder of our office, near the airport of Cuiabá!!!
August and September: The peak of the season for the Pantanal and Atlantic Forest, where we are having several tours is promissing to be very exciting!!!

APRIL , 2015 

On the first week of April, we runned two tours, one of them was a three day tour.
But, we got over 200 species of birds!
Plus, we found the most southern population of Red-Necked Aracaris, at Serra das Araras.
A nice flock of 10 birds!
For the second week, we will be runnng a tour with 14 tour participants, from USA.
They are coming with two leaders. So, it shall be a very nice “team work” showing to  these happy travellers the beauties of the Pantanal, Serra das Araras, Chapada dos Guimaraes National Park, Ubatuba and Itatiaia National Park!


We had a great start in 2015!

hree wonderful tours:  Two at the Brazilian Northeast and one for Ubatuba and Itatiaia.

Including the discover of a  new site for the Araucaria Tit-Spinetail, between Ubatuba and Itatiaia. There we had the bird coming as close as 10 feet! What a finding!!!

Paulo Boute, now is travelling to Canada and USA, visiting regular and potential guests and also presenting lectures in Bird Clubs, such the Brooklyn one, in Jan. 29th and also the the Delaware  Vallley Ornithological Club, for his second time.

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