Best Trip Hightlights, 2020

Believe or not…
November/December, 2020 = Most Epic Birding Trip of the Year!!!
Yes. In November and December of 2020, Boute Expeditions had the most epic birding trip of the year if, not of its History that started, in 1992!!!
On November, 26th our guest arrived in Cuiaba.
We went to the Pantanal, for its most spectacular birds such the Hyacinth Macaw, Great Rufous Woodcreeper, and Long-tailed Ground-dove, just to mention a few…And, last but, not least: We did a Jaguar Photo Safari, where a mother & its cub, were filmed:
Then, we went to the Chapada dos Guimarães National Park & flew to the Brazilian State of  Minas Gerais for the Canastra  and Cipó National Park…After  that,  we went to Brazilian State of  Tocantins for the Canguçu  Reservation, right by the Araguaia River…Where among several birds, such the Hoatzin and Orinoco Goose, we had two very specials  spinetails: The Araguaia Spinetail and another one still to be named!!!
Do you think that this was a lot?…No! This was just a warm up for the “real thing”: Then, we flew to Porto Alegre, and started driving and birding for 8.000km (About 4.000 miles) all the way to Fortaleza, at the Brazilian State of Ceará… Covering the following states:  Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Espirito Santo, Bahia, Alagoas, Pernambuco and, finally: Ceará, where we birded exhaustively! Including great views of the Great Xenops, White-browed Antpitta and, of course: The Very Endemic Araripe Manakin & Lear´s Macaws!!!
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On This Pandemic: Stay Strong!

April, 2020.
Pandemic = First Side Effect – The wish of Survival!!!
The Pandemic is a terrible thing!
There is no question about it!
And, of course, it causes many side effects…
But, whatever people do to stay away from it, is moved, by a very important wish: To Survival!
Unfortunately, not everyone will make it…As, I write this, 250.000( Two hundred and fifty Thousand) people passed away…
Surely, once the Pandemic is over, those that will survive to it, will try to make the best of their time & resources to enjoy life, as much as they can, knowing that becoming a survival was a “True Gift”!
Since, my Tour Company: Boute Expeditions, is dedicated to Birdwatching, Jaguar Photo Safaris and Natural History Tours, once the Pandemic is over, we will be offering Tours, where our clients will have a chance to meet other survivors, not from the Pandemic…But, survivors of much worst condition!!!  Birds, Animals and Plants that for the last 500 years, are resisting, bravely, to the deforestation that has been happening to the Atlantic Forest, since Brazil, was discovered( 95% of it is gone – So, only 5% is left ! ! ! ). As well, to the Amazon Forest, that is under a terrible pressure for Cattle Pasture and Soya Bean Plantations, The Pantanal, where the Jaguar has been, heavily, hunted – (Just one hunter killed 300 ones!) and, last but not least: The Caatinga – The only endemic vegetation of Brazil, where the poorest Brazilian  population are forced to kill  and eat, anything that moves, in order to get some protein added to their meals, that includes lizards and birds. And, for the birds, is even worst since that can also be sold to the illegal pet trade…
We are very confident that the meeting between these two survivors: Us & the Brazilian Fauna and Flora, will have a very special meaning, once the Pandemic is over. And, it will be a win-win situation since the income from the Ecotourism will help to support & protect, the Nature, in one of the most beautiful countries, in the world: Brazil!
Please, don´t hesitate in sending us, an e-mail, telling which destination you would like to visit, so, you can keep you, in our list to be contacted, once the pandemic is over. Thanks.
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Trip Highlights, March, 2020.

This was a month, when we run no tours, for safety reasons. Of course, we could not expose our guests to the Corona Virus, neither our suppliers or any one from our Guide Team. But, we are not resting!  We are doing our best in planning to compensate this hard moment, with incredible tours for the end of the year, such the Brazilian Northeast( Our Fixed Departure is confirmed for November), as well we are launching new dates for the Brazilian Northeast for 2021 and 2022, as well, for the Pantanal & Atlantic Forest. You may start doing the research for which destination you will choose, by visiting our two channels on YouTube, besides our website.

Trip Highlights, February, 2020.
The month of February, printed in the memory of our clients, great moments: For hours we had the Black-eared Fairy, coming to the feeder! (Usually, it comes once or twice and just for a few minutes!).
That was magic! The Black-eared Fairy has a very special personality! When it is sitting on the nest and senses the approach of a predator, it jumps out of the nest & planes as a  green leaf, distracting the predator, from its nest!!!
We also had some endemics, giving us “private performances” such the Itatiaia Thistletail , Slaty Bristlefront and  Scaled Antbird!
Surely, Itatiaia National Park and Ubatuba Reserve, are two places, that are a must for those willing to have lots of Lifers & Brazilian Endemics.
That´s why Boute Expeditions offers Customs Tours, for those wonderful birding places, all year around!
Trip Highlights, January, 2020.
New Year = New Partners!
2020 started with great opportunities for Boute Expeditions.
We went to United States, where we celebrated new paterniships, which became to be the result of contacts during the The Times Travel Show.
During our stay, in USA, we also had the pleasure and honour to present a lecture, at the Queens County Bird Club, about the Birds of the Brazilian Northeast. See, photo below…Being, our second lecture at this very active organization!!!
And, last but, not least:  January is the peak of Birding Season for the Brazilian Northeast, where we had a very successful Birdwatching Tour!