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Highlights for 2010.

– Crowned Eagle at Serra das Araras !!!

– Lear’s Macaw, Gray-breasted Parakeets and Araripe Manakins!!!

Paulo Boute, is having a good number of trips in a row. He is guiding since December, 2009. Returning home only by Feb. 18th.  Besides, two trips in a row in Mato Grosso, last month, he had done a trip to the Brazilian Northeast on the first week of January, that is being followed by a Birding Trip to Itatiaia and Ubatuba. With the same guest he will continue to the Brazilian Northeast for a three week trip!

During almost the entire month of February, Paulo guided a tour thru. the Brazilian Northeast.
He ended up getting incredible birds such the White-winged Cotinga, Sincora Antwren, Hooded Visobearer and
the new specie of Treehunter at Serra Bonita, as well, the Pink-legged Gravateiro!!!

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March is being a very special month for Boute Expeditions!
Recently, we had a guest from Sweden. She had a great time watching birds in Aracajú & Estancia, as well, taking pictures of them, as you can see at:

Pantanal:  We couldn’t have a better trip – We got a mother Puma & two cubs and at the same time a Tapir!!!

Atlantic Forest:  For the second time, we had Janet Zinn & friends, taking one of our tours!
Her pictures can be see at:


Again, another outstanding month with fantastic tours –  Every single client said the trip was far beyond their best expectations!
The pictures at the link below, have a very good sample with the animals, birds, plants, etc…Seen during this tour.
Special thanks & congratulations to Rick Brown, the author of the pictures.
Our tour to Mato Grosso: October 14th.- 24th, was absolutely fantastic – Besides the Harpy Eagle at Serra das Araras ( video is avaible), the Pantanal gave us great moments, watching Tapirs (Videos available too) , Ocellots and Anacondas.
Due some recent rains the dust is over and the sky is blue again, without any smoke – The guest said they had the feeling they were in Paradise!
This month we started having a tour at the Canastra National Park – May be the best month to visit this National Park.
The vegetations is very green & with lots of flowers – Of course, lots of birds too: Specially the Cock-tailed Tyrant, that  seems to be very active.
Surely, we will be back here in 2011.


This is a month  we don’t  get much less guests compared to other months…
May be one of the reasons is – there are very few trip reports of people that travelled to the Pantanal and Atlantic Forest that time of the year…
But, this December  we had just a couple of trips, and , they all were extremelly successful!
At the Pantanal, we had an Ocellot being watched for about 30 minutes – The Giant River Otters were “posing for photos” for about 40 minutes.  Birds were also very spectacular – three encounters with Harpy Eagle and Paulo Boute had a lifer for the Pantanal: Eastern Kingbird and his first pair of Royal Flycatcher at the Itatiaia National Park.
The same guests also had the very rare Russet-winged Spadebill.
All these events sounded like an early Christmas delivery!