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Trip Highlights 2017


This month will be dedicated to travel abroad, taking part on Travel Shows and meeting partners and some of our regular clientes too, within USA.

But, we also want to share with your  guests & potential new clients that we just added two more guide to our Guide Team:  Thiago Rodrigues  that can guide anywhere and everywhere at the Brazilian Northeast, showing the rare of the rarest of the Brazilian Endemics such the Araripe Manakin and Lear’s Macaw.

And, for the Brazilian Southeast, we would like to welcome Hudson Martins, that lives at the foothills of the Itatiaia National Park, being a very good guide for birders and photographers!

Their resumé are already available at:

MAY, 2017

This month we started with an scouting trip at the County of Pacatuba, which is close to Aracaju, the capital of the Brazilian State Sergipe. I was with Bruno Almeida, which is a native biologist with great knowledge on shore birds and, now, wants to learn more about forest  and Caatinga birds.  We left at 4:30 am. It took us about one hour to reach the first Bird spot…And, we couldn´t have a better start: Pectoral Antwren! We took pictures without the use of play back, with zero stress for this lovely bird…Well, someone already said: ” Every time you go Birding you shall miss a bird that you expect to see & will see a bird that you DIDN´T expect to see”…In this case, a Blond-Crested Woodpecker, in a open field!!!

And, since “The show has to go on”…In two weeks, after attending the Brazilian Bird Fair, aka, AVISTAR, I will be guiding a father & his son to the wonderful Carajas National Forest, with about 600 species of birds, including  Harpy Eagle, with an active nest…Ending with a fabulous Birding & & Jaguar Photo Safari, at the Brazilian Pantanal.

JUNE, 2017 

Trip Highlights June, 2017.

“The heat is on!!!”
So, the Jaguar Photo Safaris and Birdwatching Trips to the Pantanal!!!
June brought us great Joy!!! Read= Happy Clients that saw several Jaguars at the Pantanal, in just a couple of days plus fantastic birds such the Hyacinth Macaws!!!!
And, we are glad to announce that we got two more potential Harpy Eagle Nests, at Serra das Araras!!!
And, last but, not least: One of our best guides from our Guide Team: Raphael Santos, just finished an scouting trip to the Brazilian Northeast, being ready to show you the rare of the rarest, such the Araripe Manakin and Lear’s Macaws!

Here are our Fixed  Departures for the Brazilian Northeast.

JULY, 2017
Eight Jaguars, in just a single day!!! That is how July will be celebrated!!!
Please, don´t hesitate in visiting our our channel, at YouTube to watch these wonderful moments, with the Jaguars!!!


We hope you will joing us, in 2018!!!

AUGUST, 2017
Jaguars! Jaguars! Jaguars!!!

For the very first time, we had Jaguars in mostly of the lodges, where we hosted our clientes: Piuval, Rio Claro and Hotel Pantanal Mato Grosso, and, of course: Porto Jofre!!!

Birds where wonderful too!!! Two week trip, producing over 400 species!!!

And, last but not least:  Wonderful News!!!

1- We are offering our First Photo Workshop on Jaguars!!!

2- Lençois Maranhenses became one of our prime destinations!!!

We hope you will book a trip with us, soon, since spaces are being filled quickly!!!

Shrike-like Cotinga!!! Finally, re-found by our group at REGUA, at the State of Rio de Janeiro!!!
This is just one of the highlights of our multiple tours, we had this September, including a Harpy Eagle at the Cristalino Jungle Lodge & a lek of Amazonian Umbrella Birds!!!

We, highly, recommend you to plan a trip to the Pantanal, including Alta Floresta & Atlantic Forest, sometime, between June to October. It can produce up to 500 species of birds!!!

During the month of October, we had tours covering the Pantanal, in both Brazilian States:
Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul, as well, Parque das Emas and, last but, not least:
Intervales and the Incredible Parque do Zizo!!! Where we had,  the largest monkey of South América: The Southern Muriqui Monkey!!! We spent about one entire our with them! It was a group of 15 primates, being three mothers with their babies!!! One of the vídeos can be seen at:
Birding was spectacular with lots of photos of the Giant Antshrike!!!

Surely, we will be very pleased if, you book a Custom Tour for these two places, last mentioned or a Fixed Departure for the Pantanal!


November letf many good memories!…Paulo Boute, presented, for free, a Birdwatching Course, for Local Guides, at the National Forest of Carajas. There, he also had the chance to vídeo & photograph the White Bellbird. Surely, one of the birds that impressed most his students. Combined with that, Paulo also guided at the Brazilian Northeast, where he drove for about 3.000 miles, searching the rarest of the rare, such the Araripe Manakin and the Lear´s Macaw.

Quite a good warm up for another Big Birding Tour thru. the Brazilian Northeast, that he will be doing on the month of December, exploring a new location, where the Scarlet-throated Tanager comes to a feeder!!!


Boute Expeditions é a única empresa de turismo, que tem dois escritórios no Brasil: Um em Mato Grosso, onde nós levou excursões para o Pantanal e da Floresta Amazônica, e, a segunda, em Sergipe, onde nós levou passeios thru. do Nordeste brasileiro. As razões são muito claras … De novembro a abril é a estação das chuvas, em Mato Grosso e no Nordeste, é o oposto: estação seca. Devido que, em dezembro passado, tivemos duas viagens maravilhosas para o Nordeste brasileiro … Não apenas porque tivemos alguns dos mais raros pássaros do Brasil, como o araripe e Lear’s Macaw, mas, também, porque, vamos definir novos parceiros , como o Sitio Pau Preto, que está localizado no coração da Caatinga, a única vegetação endemica do Brasil. Sitio Pau Preto tem um alimentador de pássaros incrível !!! The Scarlet-caburé vai lá !!! Então, pergunto que, em janeiro deste ano, vamos continuar a tomar convidados a este lugar maravilhoso !!!

November, 12th – 26th.
April, 14th – 28th.
November, 11th – 25th.
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