Best Trip Hightlights, 2018!!!

Trip Highlights, November, 2018.
November was the month, when we had a final tour to the Pantanal.
Still very good for Jaguars, birds and other mammals, eighteen in the total!!!
Which puts an end on those talks that says that the Pantanal can be visited, the latest, in October…
To the Pantanal Tour, we added Chapada dos Guimarães and Serra das Araras, where we had a wonderful encounter with a Mother Tapir & its young son!
And, last but no least, our guests were also were taken to Itatiaia National Park, Ubatuba and Iguassu Falls!
And, Speaking of “last but, not least”…
We would like to wish to all our guests that traveled with us, in 2018 and to those that will travel with us, in 2019, a  Very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!
Trip Highlights, August, 2018.
August, 2018 = Read: Jaguars! Jaguars! Jaguars!
Well, “The More…The Merrier”!!! This past month, our Jaguar Photo Safaris and Birdwatching trips to the Pantanal, were – heavily – “spiced” with soooo many Jaguars encounters! So, trips recorded over 30 moments when the Jaguars were watched & photographed!
We, from Boute Expeditions, believe that, in 2019, we shall have another wonderful “Jaguar & Bird Season”, from June to October…We hope you will be able to travel with us!

Trip Highlights, July, 2018.

During the month of July, we started our regular Birding Trips & Jaguar Photo Safaris to the Brazilian Pantanal!

In my 34 years of experience: 2018 has been the very best year, ever!!!

So many birds and so many Jaguars.  And, not just  brief views! We had Jaguars with cubs, swimming, hunting, climbing trees…Videos are available at:

2019 shall be even better…Since, “practice makes perfect”!!!

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Trip Highlights, June, 2018.

On the very first days of June, we finalized a trip to the Brazilian Northeast, with a new site, with excellent chances for the following endemics:  Great Xenops, Slender Antbird and White-browed Antpitta*.

Besides, at Porto Seguro, we had six White-winged Cotingas, including a flock of 4(four) males!!!

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*Videos available, at:

Trip Highlights  January and February, 2018.

These two months were dedicated to explore Ubatuba and  the Brazilian Northeast.

At Ubatuba, we managed to visit a feeder for the Speckle-breasted Antpitta!!! The only one in Brazil!!! At the Brazilian Northeast, besides showing our guests the rarest of the rare, we found a nest of White-winged Cotinga…Soon, we shall be announcing a Harpy Eagle nest found at the State of Bahia…So, much more to come!!! Please, don´t hesitate in e-mailing us, asking for more information. Thanks.

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December, 2017

Boute Expeditions é a única empresa de turismo, que tem dois escritórios no Brasil: Um em Mato Grosso, onde nós levou excursões para o Pantanal e da Floresta Amazônica, e, a segunda, em Sergipe, onde nós levou passeios thru. do Nordeste brasileiro. As razões são muito claras … De novembro a abril é a estação das chuvas, em Mato Grosso e no Nordeste, é o oposto: estação seca. Devido que, em dezembro passado, tivemos duas viagens maravilhosas para o Nordeste brasileiro … Não apenas porque tivemos alguns dos mais raros pássaros do Brasil, como o araripe e Lear’s Macaw, mas, também, porque, vamos definir novos parceiros , como o Sitio Pau Preto, que está localizado no coração da Caatinga, a única vegetação endemica do Brasil. Sitio Pau Preto tem um alimentador de pássaros incrível !!! The Scarlet-caburé vai lá !!! Então, pergunto que, em janeiro deste ano, vamos continuar a tomar convidados a este lugar maravilhoso !!!

April, 14th – 28th.
November, 11th – 25th.
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