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April 12, 2009
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April 13, 2009

Giuliano Bernardon

giulianoGiuliano is member of the Brazilian Ornithology Society (SBO) and the Neotropical Bird Club.
Giuliano is a full time birding and photography guide. Passionate for natural history since his childhood, birding has led him to several parts of Brazil, including the Pantanal, Cerrado( Dry Shrub Savannas) areas, Atlantic Forest to the Southern Amazon Forest, as well.

He is responsible for several new records for the area where he lives, and regularly contributes for ornithological and environmental researches. Due to his knowledge on Natural History and Photography, he has successfully led several professional photographers including National Geographic and BBC Film Crews.

He loves sharing the birds and his country with other people, and his charming and easy-going personality greatly enhance his tours. Giuliano lives in a ranch at the county of Chapada dos GuimarĂ£es.