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Recommended Itinerary for Birders coming to Brazil on a first time.

We recommend a two week trip, covering the State of Mato Grosso, visiting the Pantanal, Serra das Araras ( Harpy Eagle Site) and Chapada dos Guimarães National Park, for one week, then, one more week, birding at the Atlantic Forest, visiting the Itatiaia National Park, Guainumbi Reserve* and Ubatuba Coastal Rain Forest.
In the past  twenty years, 90% of our guests, coming to Brazil for their first time, had choosen this option.
There are only good reasons for that:
1- The total number of species of birds can be up to 600 !
2- The daily average of bird species will be about 100, and, at the Pantanal, 80% of them will be seen several times, allowing you to get very familiar with them and the best: Watching them in close range.
3- It offers some of the most beautiful birds of Brazil:
-At the Pantanal: The Hyacinth Macaw, Helmeted Manakin and Sunbitern…
-At the Atlantic Forest:  Brazilian Ruby, Frilled Coquette, Red-necked Tanager…
4- In both destinations the Birding pace is smooth, never involving tough walks.
5-The accomodattions  are very comfortable and the meals are all served on the buffet style ( All you can eat)
6- Being this an itinerary operated for more than 20 years, our guides will offer you a Perfect Birding Trip!