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Juan Mazar Barnett


This around 30 years old guy became interested in wildlife in general very early on, and took on birds by the age of 9. Between high-school and his BSc. Degree obtained in the U.K., he volunteered in expeditions surveying national parks and protected areas in Argentina, Paraguay and throughout Brazil. These experiences led to several rediscoveries birds, as well as find even undescribed species. Juan is very keen on bird vocalizations and travels nowhere without his recording gear. Thus he acquired a very good ear and has built an impressive collection of recordings, a few featured in commercial tapes and CDs. He co-authored the most complete and updated checklist to the birds of Argentina, published by Lynx Edictions (as in the handbook), and many papers in the scientific literature, reporting his field discoveries. Juan enjoys showing birds around, from the casual nature-lovers to the hard-core listeners. He is fluent in Spanish, English and Portuguese.