April 29, 2014

Alyson Melo

Alyson Melo – Alyson is a biologist with post-degree in Biogeography of Neotropical Birds from the University of Bonn – Germany. He has worked as naturalist […]
February 27, 2012

Leonardo Patrial

Leonardo Patrial is a Brazilian biologist born in the Brazilian State of Paraná.  He enjoys nature since he was a little kid . Nature was always […]
December 9, 2009

Juliana Lombardi

Juliana was born & lives at the city of Recife, State of Pernambuco. She lived for 10 months in USA. Her English is very good! She […]
December 9, 2009

Mauricio Periquito

Mauricio Periquito was born at the city of Recife – State of Pernambuco. He is a long time birder. He has done a great job at […]