Brazilian Northeast


November, 1st. – 22nd.
This was planned, in a way, that you can work, until Friday, starting your Holiday in a Saturday.
Flying to Brazil, returning home, on a Sunday, so you can unpack & have some rest before going to work, on Monday…
Photo: Paul Gadd

   The Araripe Manakin, Keeper of the Spring Waters.



Day 1 : Arrival at Fortaleza international airport (noontime) and transfer to Sobral. Birding. Overnight

Day 02 : Full day birding Sobral. Overnight.

Day 03 : Breakfast and transfer to Guaramiranga. Afternoon birding. Overnight. Alto da Serra Lodge.

Day 04: Morning at Guaramiranga, transfer to Hotel Pedra dos Ventos near Quixadá for birding and overnight;

Day 05 – Early morning departure to Crato for two nights stay at Pau Preto Lodge. Afternoon visit to Arajara park for Araripe manakin. Overnight;

Day 06 – Full day of birding around Araripe National Forest, overnight Pau Preto.

Day 07 – Early morning departure to Canudos for two nights stay at Canudos Biological Station. Afternoon of birding around CBS (road to Rosário), overnight.

Day 08 – Early morning at CBS for Lear’s Macaw on the cliffs. Rest of morning at the reserve. Afternoon of birding near CBS. Overnight at CBS;

Day 09 –  Breakfast and transfer to Estancia. Afternoon birding. Overnight.

Day 10 – Early transfer to Lençois – Chapada Diamantina – for two nights stay at Pousada Casa da Geléia or Hotel de Lençois.. Late afternoon around Lençois, overnight;

Photo: Manfred Schleuning – June, 2018


Day 11 – Full of birding at Chapada Diamantina (Pai Inácio Hill and surroundings), overnight at Casa da Geléia or Hotel de Lençois;

Day 12 – Early transfer to Mucugê (southern C. Diamantina) via Palmeiras with full morning of birding on route. Late afternoon at Mucugê, overnight Pousada Mucugê or Monte Azul Lodge.

Day 13 – Early morning at Mucugê then transfer to Boa Nova. Afternoon birding Mata de cipó (transitional dry forest) for Slender Antbird, overnight. Pousada Sande.

Day 14 amd 15 – Two full day of Birding in Boa Nova National Park – Atlantic Forest and Mata de Cipó, overnight Pousada Sande.

Day 16 – Early morning in forest fragment at Poções.  transfer to Porto Seguro for a two nights stay at Hotel Quinta do Sol. Afternoon of birding at Veracel Reserve; overnight.

Day 17 – Full day birding the Veracel reserve in Porto Seguro, overnight  Hotel Quinta do Sol.

Day 18 : Breakfast and transfer to Serra Bonita Reserve in Camacã for two nights stay;Overnight.

Day 19 – Full day at Serra Bonita, overnight.

Day 20– Early morning in lowland forest in Serra Bonita. Transfer to Itacare. Overnight.

Day 21 – Full day birding in Itacare. Overnight

Day 22 – Early morning birding and transfer to Salvador.